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Radpad No Brainer eyes

Brain & Neck Tumors Among
Physicians Performing
Interventional Procedures*

“...the brain is relatively

unprotected and the left

side of the head is known

to be more exposed to

radiation than the right.”

RADPAD® No Braine
r Surgical Caps block up to 95% of scatter radiation that could otherwise adversely impact your health and the longevity of your career. Learn more>>

*Ariel Roguin, MD, PhDa,, Jacob Goldstein, MDb , Oliver Bar, MDc , and James A. Goldstein, MDd

Proud partner and valued resource

Vital Care Products is proud to partner with top manufacturers, as well as with industry newcomers,
to offer high-quality, new, niche technology, and timely, critical care solutions.

We represent dozens of manufacturers and aspire to be a valued resource to you and your facility.
As a Small Business and Specialty Medical Dealer, we believe in the power of relationships, and
we are eager to earn and keep your trust.

It is our belief that a caring team of

people + partners + products = progress

toward better patient outcomes.

Vital Care Products specializes in the sale and distribution of innovative consumable products
and durable equipment to service Acute Care departments.

Count on us to follow industry trends, healthcare mandates and to identify and introduce vital,
cost-effective, risk-reducing solutions that benefit patients and clinicians in our target markets.


+ Critical Care
+ Electrophysiology + Cardiology + Radiology
+ Anesthesia + Neonatal / Pediatric
+ Respiratory + Surgery


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