Nonin Disposable Sensor Composite
Highly Accurate Results that You Can Rely On

Nonin's PureLight® Disposable Sensors are ideal for extended monitoring or situations where the risk of cross-contamination is high. These single-use sensors are available for a variety of patients, and can be used with any Nonin pulse oximeter. Available in sizes to fit neonates to adults.

7000 Flexi-Form® III series provides ultimate comfort and secure placement in extended monitoring situations. The soft, cushioning material provides patient comfort and is conformable to the application site.

6000 Cloth series features a stretchable, breathable cloth material for easier placement and fit, especially for hard-to-fit patients such as infants and neonates. The adhesive, tear-resistant cloth is designed for easy and secure placement, as well as frequent repositioning.

Nonin Flex System Composite
A Great Value for Patient Monitoring

The Nonin Medical Flex System combines the convenience and performance
of a disposable sensor with the economics of a reusable sensor.

The reusable Flex Sensor, made of a durable silicone, is secured with a
matching disposable FlexiWrap® adhesive. This hybrid sensor system is ideal
for numerous applications including extended monitoring and sleep studies.

Available in sizes to fit neonates to adults. Each sensor is packaged with
25 FlexiWraps
(additional packages of 25 may be purchased separately).

Nonin FlexiWrap Reference Chart.pdf 


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Universal Soft Sensors for Many Medical Settings

The Nonin Medical PureLight® Reusable Soft Sensors are designed for patients of all sizes (adult, pediatric, & infant) and clinical presentations. The 8000 Series are ideal for short-term monitoring, stress testing, spot-checks or any situation where the risk of cross-contamination is low. Now with a 2-year warranty!

NM-6835-000   8000SL 
NM-6836-000   8000SM
NM-6837-000   8000SS

   12.5 - 25.5 mm
   10 - 19 mm  
   7.5 - 12.5 mm

        1 each
        1 each
        1 each

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Nonin Medical PureLight® Reusable Ear Clip Sensor

Fast & easy application for spot-checking and short-term monitoring when digits are not the preferred application site.

NM-6455-000   8000Q2     40kg (88lbs)    25/package