Vital Care Products, Inc.

Since 1975, Vital Care Products has specialized in the sale and distribution of innovative
consumable products and durable equipment to service Acute Care facilities, including major
Open-Heart and Children’s Hospitals, General Hospitals, Alternate Care and Surgery Centers.
We work with top manufacturers, as well as with industry newcomers, to offer new, niche
technology, and timely critical care solutions.

Count on us to follow industry trends, healthcare mandates and to identify and introduce vital,
cost-effective, risk-reducing solutions that benefit patients and clinicians in our target markets -
Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Care is woven into the heart of our organization. We take a consultative approach to our work,
meaning that your goals become our goals. We seek to add value to your experience from the
outset of each presentation. The full circle process, from demonstration through implementation,
is supported by a knowledgeable team that respects and values each opportunity to serve.

As a Small Business and Specialty Medical Dealer, we believe in the power of relationships, and
we are eager to earn and keep your trust. It’s our belief that a caring team of people + partners +
products = progress toward better patient outcomes.

Critical Care Solutions delivered full circle…our promise to you.