Visualize CO2
and Expiratory Flow!

The Maxtec FLOCAP Flow Indicator Device is a single-use CO2 & flow indication device designed for visualization of a patient’s exhaled
CO2 and expiratory flow.

The CO2 indication will assist the caregiver in verifying proper ET tube placement, while the flow indicator allows the caregiver to visually detect
if the patient is still exhaling.

MX-R500P21       24/pack

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 Maxtec FloCap

SDI PulmoGuard Filters
The Leader in PFT Filters!

SDI Diagnostics PFT Filters are safe, highly effective, and very affordable. The PulmoGUARD PFT Filter meets ATS air resistance standards featuing dead volume of less than 70m. While the PulmoGuard II PTF Filter needs no adapter to fit many SDI spirometers.

SM-29-7950-050       PulmoGuard Filter     50/box 
SM-29-7920-050 PulmoGuard II Filter               50/box

SDI Diagnostics PulmoGUARD Info Sheet.pdf

Intersurgical Filta Therm Filters

Heat and Moisture Exchange

Intersurgical Filta-Therm Filters offer a breathing filter efficiency of 99.999% at 0.017µ and have been independently validated against a number of organisms, including the 0.017µ T1-coliphage and mycobacterium tuberculosis strains. A high efficiency HMEF available with a variety of patient connections.

IN-1942      Filta-Therm               40/box