Casmed NICU samples

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Vital Care Products is pleased to support you in evaluating
CASMED Monitoring Supplies in your facility.

Please complete the request form, and we will provide you
with a CASMED NICU Sample Kit* at no charge.

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*CASMED NICU Sample Kit includes:
  CS-03-06-0111   4200  NeoGuard Reflector (1)
  CS-03-06-0112   4800  Klear-Trace Electrodes (1)
  CS-03-06-0113   4810  Klear-Trace Electrodes (1)
  CS-03-06-0116   4220  NeoGuard Mini Reflector (1)
  CS-03-06-0119   4401  NeoGuard Limboard Arm Board (1)
  CS-03-06-0121   4400  NeoGuard Limboard Arm Board (1)
   The sample request process on our website is developed for business to business activity only.
   Each sample pack contains one representative sample of products and solutions, which we sell in varied quanties