Improve comfort during procedures

Water proof GelPro® Medical Anti-Fatigue Mats are scientifically engineered with patented gel technology
and energy-return foam to provide all-day comfort and support to doctors, surgeons, technicians,
and nurses.Available in Medical Col
umbia Blue or Do Not Disturb Red for use in "no interruption zones"
within the medical industry.

Patented anti-fatigue GelPro® Medical Comfort Cushion Insoles insert into medical shoe covers
so you can walk and stand in absolute comfort wherever you go

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GelPro Anti-Fatigue Mats
CM-101-17-1315-4       13” x 15”       Blue
CM-101-17-1315-3       13” x 15”       Red

CM-101-17-1824-4       18” x 24”       Blue
CM-101-17-1824-3       18” x 24”       Red

CM-101-17-2032-4       20” x 32”       Blue
CM-101-17-2032-3       20” x 32”       Red

CM-101-17-2048-4       20” x 48”       Blue
CM-101-17-2048-3       20” x 48”       Red
GelPro Comfort Cushion Insoles
CM-LGI-GREY-12P        Large           12 pairs per case
CM-MDI-GREY-12P       Medium        12 pairs per case
CM-SMI-GREY-12P       Small            12 pairs per case

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