Needleless system with sterile connection and single donor exposure

Marian Medical
Blood Administration Set

+ Non-DEHP, Latex-free and BPA-free
   blood delivery system

+ Sterile, pyrogen-free blood path

+ Compatible with sterile connecting

+ Provides a closed blood delivery system

+ Limits the multiple donor exposure
   to the neonate/pediatric patient

+ 150 micron filter in accordance with
   AABB blood administration requirements

+ Needleless system with protected spike
   for safe handling                        

                              Syringe      Filter
MR-BASN-30/150        30 cc        150
MR-BASN-60/150        60 cc        150

Marian Blood Administration Kit 

Marian Medical
Blood Adminstration Set Info Sheet.pdf



Marvelous Minimal Residual Volume
Luer-activated Stopcock (MRVLS)

+ Needle-free connection promotes safety

+ Automatic closure after usage prevents exposure of fluid path 

+ Swabblable surface enables aseptic administration and sampling

+ Cost effective - eliminate the need for any add-on components



Zero residual volume