Maxtec 250 Signature Series

The MAX™ -250 series uses a patented weak-acid based technology to provide a more stable signal, longer sensor life, and to withstand high levels of CO2, CO and other acidic gases. The MAX™-250 series sensors are also known for their superior performance in high humidity applications.

+ Best replacement sensors in the business

+ Best Value

+ Longest warranty

+ Motion Stable 

+ Patented weak-acid electrolyte technology

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Maxtec 250 Series

    MAX-250+        MX-R125P02-011             MAX-250E              MX-125P03-002
 MAX-250          MX-R125P01-002             MAX-250ESF         MX-R115P85


FiCO2 Replacement Sensors

    FiO2 Replacement Sensors  Warranty Order#       Price each
Maxtec Max1 MAX™-1 Replacement for GE (Datex•Ohmeda)* 
(common form factor). 
12 month  MX-R113P90   $98.00
 Maxtec Max2  MAX™-2 Extra-Life Replacement for Drager* 
Narkomed Series. Large sensor replaces O2 assembly cap and sensor.
18 month MX-R107P20 $118.00
 Maxtec Max3  MAX™-3 Replacement for Paragon* Platinum SC430 and Penlon* Prima SP2  12 month MX- R109P11 $105.00
 Maxtec Max7  MAX™-7 Replacement for Teledyne* AX/MX300 Series, R17MED/#C-43690. 12 month MX- R109P09   $92.00
 Maxtec Max8  MAX™-8 Extra-Life Replacement for GE (Datex • Ohmeda)*. For external applications only. Large sensor replaces O2 assembly cap and sensor. 18 month MX-R107P22 $118.00
 Maxtec Max9
 MAX™-9 Replacement for Teleflex Medical (Hudson RCI)* 5500. (CE available upon request) 14 month MX- R114P80   $72.00
Maxtec Max10
 MAX™-10 Threaded Replacement for GE (Datex • Ohmeda)* 7900 Smart Vent Series Ventilator. 12 month MX-R112P10    $72.00
 Maxtec Max11  MAX™-11 Dual Cathode Replacement for Drager* Narkomed Series (common form factor) oxygen analyzer with internal sensor 12 month MX- R113P10    $98.00
Maxtec Max11i  MAX™-11i Dual Cathode Replacement for Drager* incubators, IC8000.
(High temperature applications).
12 month MX-R113P06  $118.00
 Maxtec Max12   MAX™-12  Replacement for Siemens*
300 and 900 Series.
14 month MX-R109P4    $86.00
Maxtec Max12a  MAX™-12c  Replacement for Viasys*
[Avea Ventilator, Sipap]
14 month MX-R109P53    $86.00
 Maxtec Max13  MAX™-13 Replacement for MSA* MiniOX I, II, III, 
3000, PB O2 Monitor.
14 month MX-R115P10   $86.00
 Maxtec Max14  MAX™-14 Replacement for MSA* MiniOX IA. 14 month MX- R116P80    $90.00
Maxtec Max 16  MAX™-16 Replacement for Versamed Vent. 18 month MX-R114P70   $90.00
 Maxtec Max16ht  MAX™-16HT  Replacement for Versamed Vent. 18 month MX-R114P73    $98.00
Maxtec Max17  MAX™-17 Replacement for Teledyne* Monitor 60T, 
191T and 2000T.
 12 month MX-R116P10   $86.00
 Maxtec Max18  MAX™-18 Replacement for Teleflex Medical (HudsonRCI)* 5568. 12 month MX-R116P40   $79.00
 Maxtec Max19  MAX™-19 Replacement for Teleflex Medical (HudsonRCI)* 5569. 12 month MX-R116P60   $79.00
 Maxtec Max23  MAX™-23 Replacement for Teledyne* R22, #C-44611 12 month MX-R116P06   $65.00
 Maxtec Max43  MAX™-43  Replacement for GE (Datex•Ohmeda)* Giraffe 12 month MX-R109P07 $150.00
 Dual Pk
 Maxtec Max47  MAX™-47 Replacement for Teleflex Medical (Hudson RCI) 5800 12 month  MX-R112P16    $86.00
* Maxtec is not affiliated with nor endorsed by these companies
**subject to a 1 to 6 week lead time. Additional Maxtec products available