Cooling improves neurological outcome

CritiCool Neonatal - Vital Care Products
Changing the standard of care in the NICU for neonatals with Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

CritiCool provides a precise, non-invasive solution for whole body cooling therapies common during hospitalization in the NICU

Using feedback from the patient's core and °CureWrap garment skin temperature sensors, the proprietary control algorithm responds to any temperature change. CritiCool precisely re-warms the patient to normothermia.

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Whole-body Hypothermia Proven Safe and Effective

Studies show strong evidence that hypothermia achieved within 6 hours of birth and maintained between 33.5-34.5ºC for 72 hours improves the outcome of infants with moderate to severe HIE. In a randomized-controlled, multi-center, clinical trail, whole body hypothermia was shown to reduce the neurological damage associated with HIE in infants. Full Article>>

Shankaran et al, Whole-body hypothermia for neonates with encephalopathy, NEJM 2005: 353:1574-84.