CerebraLogik Composite
Direct information on newborn brain function

The CerebraLogik is a dual channel deferential EEG amplifier that interfaces with VitaLogik & Menntor monitors. It has a clip for attachment to an infant basinet or patient bed.

The interface cable is connected to the UIM input of the VitaLogik & Menntor monitors, and can be activated via the UIM menu. The EEG display shows real time EEG with a 3 hour display of compressed Amplitude Integrated EEG – aEEG, at the speed of 6 cm/hour on a semi logarithmic voltage axis.

CerebraLogik Info Sheet.pdf 


Continuous and simplified electroencephalography
to monitor brain recovery after cardiac arrest

Simplified cEEG monitoring with a reduced montage and trend analysis is a convenient and promising method to monitor the evolution of EEG patterns and to detect and assess seizures in comatose patients after cardiac arrest. It provides dynamic information and is well suited to the ICU environment.  Full Article>>

Friberg et al. Critical Care 2013, 17:233.