Salter Labs Tender Grip
Adheres and secures where other products fail

The Salter Labs Tender Grip® Cannula Fixation Device consists of an adhesive backing of microporous tape (tinted base) which is applied to the patient’s skin. On top of the tape base is a fixation strap designed to position and secure cannula or other tubing in place.

SL-1007-0-25 Infant   25 per case  
SL-1008-0-25 Newborn  25 per case  

Uninterrupted Flow of Oxygen

The small Salter-Style® Children's Cannulas are for oxygen flows up to 3 LPM or 6 LPM. The clear, lightweight cannula is made with the Salter-Style manufacturing process, producing a soft, anatomically designed cannula that is gentle to delicate facial skin.

Salter-Style Small Cannulas Info Sheet.pdf
Salter Family of Oxygen Cannulas.pdf

Salter Labs Small Canulas

Better fit for long-term users

Transparent, Salter Labs Elongated Medium Concentration Oxygen Masks have a soft anatomical shape with crush-resistant safety tubing prevents occlusion of oxygen supply.

SL-1122    Pediatric mask with 7' safety tube 

SL-1123    Pediatric mask without tube

SL-1114    Infant mask with 7' safety tube

SL-1115    Infant mask without safety tube

Salter Labs Oxygen Mask