Protect yourself and your team
from scatter radiation


All radiation doses are cumulative and multiple low-level procedures each day put doctors, nurses and techs in a potentially harmful situation.

Safety standards require that radiation exposure to medical personnel be As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA)

The commitment to use shields in conjunction with established imaging safety protocol, is a recognized & invaluable solution to meet this directive with confidence.

Procedure-specific shields absorb radiation and create a shade zone in which clinicians can work and be completely protected from scatter radiation

Cardio Medical Products

Radiation Protection Shields

Durable scatter shields provide additional protection without 
compromising target areas in many interventional procedures. Because it is lead-free, it is environmentally safe for disposal.

The procedure-specific shields absorb radiation and create a shade zone in which clinicians can work and be completely protected from scatter radiation.

100 Series    Multi-Purpose Scatter Shield
200 Series    Multi-Purpose Rectangular Fenestration Shield
300 Series    Angiography Circular Fenestration Shield
400 series    Electrophysiology Shield
500 Series    Peripheral Shield
550 Series    Juglar Access Shield
700 Series    Dialysis De-Clotting Shield

Radiation Protection Shields Info Sheet.pdf