Salter Labs Tender Grip

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Vital Care Products is pleased to support you in evaluating Salter Labs Tender Grip Fixation Device in your facility.
Please complete the request form, and we will provide you with a Salter Labs Tender Grip Sample Kit at no charge.

If you have any questions or if you need additional information please contact us at 800 837 5511 or

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SL-1007-0-25      Infant               25 per case
SL-1007-0-10      Infant               10 per case
SL-1008-0-25      Newborn          25 per case
SL-1008-0-10      Newborn          10 per case

The sample request process on our website is developed for business to business activity only.
Each sample pack contains one representative sample of products and solutions, which we sell in varied quanties
Additional neonatal product samples are available upon request. Call 800 837 5511 x200 for more information