Salter style etco2 divided sampling cannula
Effective End-Tidal CO2 Detection

Salter Labs Salter-Style® EtCO2 Divided Sampling Cannula with simultaneous oxygen delivery is designed to provide undiluted CO2 readings and the ability to vary O2 rates without affecting CO2 readings.

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Salter Labs 1600 Series

The Orginal Salter-Style

Salter-Style® 1600 Series Cannula matches comfort with everyday performance …..up to 6 LPM and a multitude of three channel crush resistant or smooth bore tubing lengths.

Salter-Style 1600 Series Info Sheet

Extra Flow Performance

The Salter-Style® 1600HF High Flow Cannula is an enhanced facepiece, larger three channel head tubing and special fittings allow flow rates up to 15 LPM

Salter-Style High Flow Info Sheet

Salter Labs 1600HF High Flow
Salter Labs TLCannula 

Combines All the Salter-Style Comforts with the E-Z wrap

Salter-Style® TLCannula™ combines a soft, closed cell, foam cushion assembled on the head tubing. This provides a new dimension in comfort for the user with sensitive over the ear tissue.

Salter-Style TLCannula Info Sheet