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The Original Salter-Style®

Salter-Style® 1600 Series Cannula matches comfort with everyday performance. Up to 6 LPM and a multitude of three channel crush resistant or smooth bore tubing lengths.


Salter-Style® 1600HF High Flow Cannula

The Salter-Style® 1600HF High Flow Cannula is an enhanced facepiece, larger three channel head tubing and special fittings allow flow rates up to 15 LPM


Salter-Style® EtCO2 Divided Cannula with O2 Delivery

Salter design accommodates end-tidal sampling from one nare and oxygen or gaseous analgesia delivery to the other, and does not interfere with patient observation.


Percent-O2-Lock Venturi Oxygen System

These masks offer an easily adjustable, variable Venturi system delivering accurate concentrations of oxygen (24%, 26%, 28%, 31%, 35%, 40%, and 50%) from a single unit.


Salter Labs High Flow Humidifier (6-15 LPM)

Ideal for use with high-output oxygen concentrators, wall outlet source gas, or other applications where flow rates of 6 to 15 LPM are required and an audible pressure relief alert is desired. Effectively pairs with Salter 1600HF and 16SOFT-HF nasal cannulas.

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